About Us

Our Vision

Fusion839 is a diverse community of young adults committed to celebrating and proclaiming the radical grace and love of Jesus. It is not an organization or an event, but people, just like you, who wish to celebrate life at it’s fullest.

Our Values

At Fusion839, we hold firmly to the teachings of Jesus, and we are committed to orienting our lives around the radical grace and love of Christ, found in the Holy Bible. We believe that God has created us to live in authentic community as people defined by hospitality and generosity. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we hold on to a God who is sovereign, holy, and cares about you deeply.

Our statement of faith can be found here.

Our Team

423685_614703662069_1592291019_nJessica Moore / Interim College Ministry Director


Jessica has served in ministry in various forms for the majority of her adult life. She has served on the board with Young Life of Saint Augustine. She has led missions teams in Haiti, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Currently, she serves as the campus director of Anastasia Baptist Early Education Ministry West. She has also played a crucial role in college ministry at Anastasia for more than six years.


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.12.13 AM Troi Buchanan / Worship Director


Troi is an accomplished musician and worship leader. He has been involved with Ascension Worship since he was a teenager, serving in churches throughout Northeast Florida. He has been heavily involved in worship at Fusion839 for more than two years. He has a heart for community and desire to see people worship God with the whole of their lives.

Contact US

E-mail: Fusion@Anastasiabaptist.org

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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