Who We Are

Our Vision

Fusion839 exists to see students experience God’s grace and extend his glory

Our Mission

To Love God and Love others through knowing Christ, building authentic community, and being equipped to engage the culture with the gospel

About Us

We are an extension of Anastasia Baptist Church, that seeks to connect with 18-25 year olds in order grow in Christ, find authentic community and understand our calling in life. We welcome anyone to come connect with us, learn more about God or just eat the free food we tend to have from time to time!

Our Team

 College and Career Director:

Brandon Elder

Brandon has been on staff at Anastasia since January 2012. He and his wife Amber have been married since May 2015. They are expecting a baby boy named Grayson to be born this coming December! Brandon is working on his Master of Divinity with a focus on Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. Brandon loves to play music, play pretty much any sport and drink coffee and he is always down to do any of those things! Just shoot him a message or a text if you want to meet up!

Contact Us

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